Attempt #34 - 'Coopers Inn'


When? - 22nd of December, 2010

Where? - 282 Exhibition St. Melbourne

Price? - $17.50 (Tuesday $12 special available

Barry? - Yes

Website? -

Reviewers - Cale, Janet, Lee, Ness, Nikki, Stefo[/info]


The old saying goes ‘better late than never’, I really hope that is true and you don’t all hate me for getting this review up so unbelievably late.

Cast your minds back to the Wednesday before Christmas. There was excitement in the air, as well as a lot of hangovers as the work Christmas party season was upon us, and it was no different for the Parma Daze team. We rocked up at the Coopers Inn for our last parma of 2010.

We arrived at the relatively empty pub and took our seats, a glance at the menu revealed a surprisingly great range of pub meals that almost lured a few reviewers off the path of the chicken parmigiana, but parmas are what we were there for, and parmas are what we ordered  (as well as a bowl of delicious wedges to nosh on beforehand - which came out piping hot and fresh).

price wise the parmas came to $17.50 each, we heard word of a $12 parma night on Tuesdays but unfortunately we were 24 hours late.

As it was our kind-of-Christmas-party we did what anyone would do … disrupt the whole pub by popping Christmas crackers!

The aftermath of the Christmas crackers

The ridiculously bad jokes kept us so entertained while we waited - comedy gold such as …

What do you get if you cross a bell with a skunk? Jingle Smells!

Why do ghosts live in the fridge? Because it’s cool!

And who could forget the classic…

Why did Santa’s helper see the doctor? Because he had a low “elf” esteem!

It’s a good thing our parmas arrived after that last one, otherwise we may not have been able to continue with our review due to a severe case of split sides!

My first impression was that it was a big schnitzel, thick and juicy with a good covering of cheese (apart for some minor nudity around the edges after the ham had curled under the grill) On closer inspection the chicken breast was actually two schnitzels fused together with cheese, I have absolutely nothing against this move - the more chicken the better in my book!

The parma tasted great with a lot of cheese, subtle hint of ham and a decent amount of napoli between the two - and the sprinkling of herbs atop the cheese added an extra level flavour that we don’t often get with a parma.

The chips that were hiding under the massive parma were of a minimal serving, unseasoned and pretty much standard un-exciting chips.

The garden salad to the side was there for looks only, A few lettuce leaves with some sliced onion, cucumber and tomato on top (and when I say sliced I mean sliced  - so thin they barely held any taste).

All in all it was a great piece of chicken but was let down by little effort put into the sides. I would definitely go back to the Coopers Inn however, They have a great range of beers on tap and behind the bar, a great looking menu and if I were there on a Tuesday a piece of chicken that big is hard to beat for only $12.

So from myself and everyone else and the Parma Daze team we wish you a (very belated) Merry Christmas, an amazing new year, and I want to thank you all for making 2010 an absolutely awesome year. Thanks heaps for reading and we should now be back to our regular update schedule in what promises to be a parma-packed 2011!

Parma - 7
Chips - 3.92
Salad - 3.00
Value - 5.92
Total - 5.37

The search continues…

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