Attempt #44 - 'Derrimut Skyes @ the Sunshine Golf Club'

Photos of this place are impossible to come by, so you get the photo I snapped on the way out, Although I couldn’t find a shot of the restaurant or the club, I did find this photo of this very nice view from the golf course itself

gotta love that gorgeous Melbourne skyline!


When? - 24th of March, 2011

Where? - Derrimut Skyes Restaurant, Sunshine Golf Club. 475 Mt. Derrimut Rd, Derrimut

Price? - $19.50

Barry? - No

Website? -

Reviewers - Bec, Ben D, Ben T, Cale, Emma, Glen, Lee, Luke, Nikki, Pat, Stefo, Tyson[/info]

**EDIT!** 10/4/2012 - It has been brought to our attention by a reader and fellow parma lover that the parma at Derrimut Skyes may have gone downhill!, to quote the email we recieved -

“My verdict: HORRIBLE! Two of us dined, one Parma was burnt and the other one was soggy. They tasted very bland and processed. But, it was the “chips” that got me. On each plate, it was one potato cut length wise, then length wise again to leave 4 large ‘wedges’ which were fried briefly. They were hard, undercooked and tasteless.”

Now one could put that down to just getting a bad batch, however the fact that the chips sound like they have changed completely leads me to believe the whole thing has had an overhaul - We will investigate this further, hopefully it was a momentary brain fart by the chef, but until further notice, dine at your own risk!

**EDIT!**  23/4/2012 - We have confirmation! Another reader just messaged me to confirm the downfall of Derrimut Skyes, his message -

“The parma was small, about the size of the palm of your hand maybe bit more, although tasty, certainly not enough to keep you satisfied, the chips, well, when the plates landed I thought, ‘Oh crap we don’t get chips’ I then lifted my parma to find 6 chips, no joke, only 6, and the chef must count them as my partner had only 6 chips under her parma too”

In light of this confirmation I can no longer recommend Derrimut Skyes parma, I can’t straight up remove it from the listings, but we will do our best to visit for a re-review in the near future! stay tuned!

First things first! I have some Non-review related stuff to report, If you aren’t interested in this (there is math … yuck), scroll down till you see a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head, the actual review will start there.

So regular readers may remember when I altered the formula that was used to calculate the final parma score, there was a lot of confusing math involved that I didn’t quite understand myself, but it basically meant that the Chips and the Salad were calculated as being half as important as the Parma and the Value, and their scores had half the impact on the final score than the parma and value did.

After much soul searching and sleepless nights, I have come to realise that this formula is also unfair - I think we would all agree that the parma is the most important thing on the plate, but I have come to the conclusion that the Value of the parma should not be weighed at the same level as the Parma, and definitely not above the chips and salad.

SO I have spent the morning re-inputting all of the scores from all 44 attempts into formula V.3 which weighs the Parma twice as important as the chips, salad and value, basically the highest score the parma can get is 4 (calculated by taking the average of each reviewers score (out of 10) and multiplying the resulting number by two fifths), the highest score the chips, salad, and value can get is 2 (though the same method the parma score is determined, but multiplying the resulting score by one fifth each), they are added together to get the total score.

example! say a parma gets a score of Parma - 8.5, Chips - 6.3, Salad - 7.4, Value - 6

that would be -

Parma - 2/5*8.5 = 3.4

Chips - 1/5*6.3 = 1.26

Salad - 1/5*7.4 = 1.48

Value - 1/5*6 = 1.2

3.2+1.2+1.4+1.2 = 7.34

Total = 7.34

This means there has been some minor re-jigging to the ladder, but the standings are pretty much as they were, with a couple of changes.

Im pretty sure this makes sense as the fairest way to calculate scores, if you don’t think it does, or you have any questions or comments feel free to email, or hit us up on the twitter or facebook.

Also, you may notice the shmancy new toolbar at the bottom of the site now, It has links to facebook, twitter, digg and even chat if you want to discuss parmas with other people on the site the same time as you are, hope you enjoy it! if you aren’t a fan just click the little double-arrow thing on the right and it shall be banished from your life forever.

Okay, on to the review. CUE THE BUNNY!

Sometime a couple of weeks ago I got an email from a reader name Alanna, claiming that she too was a Prince of Wales parma devotee, and she said (and I quote) “The only Parma that I have had that has even come close the cheesy-chicken- saucy goodness that was a Jimmies Parma was at the sunshine golf club – highly recommend it. “

Well that was that, The Sunshine Golf Club jumped to the top of the list, after doing a bit of research I discovered that the restaurant itself is called ‘Derrimut Skyes’ but it is located in the club house of the Sunshine Golf Club. I made a booking, assembled the crew, and we were off.

We arrived at the beautiful clubrooms (very swanky) and made our way to the restaurant where we took our seats - We normally review pubs so I will state now that this is most definitely a restaurant, not a pub. Full table service, bottles of chilled water and beautiful looking meals were a couple of things to note, as well as one of the best views of the Melbourne skyline I have seen in quite a while. We ordered our twelve parmas just before the entirety of our group arrived, and not long after everyone was in their seats did the meals start filing out of the kitchen

I’m gonna say it now, I love square plates.

There was some variance in schnitzel size but seeing as those sized ranged from ‘huge’ to ‘friggin huge!’ (the photo above being one of the smaller ones, but still huge) there was no love lost there, the home made crumbs were absolutely fantastic and the chicken breast was perfectly cooked, there was a little schnitzel nudity around the edges (of the ‘friggin huge!’ parmas especially) but to be honest it tasted great so I wasn’t phased. The ham, the napoli and cheese were all perfect. To be perfectly honest this was one of (if not the best) parma we have had since the downfall of Jimmies, the complaints were minor and the parma was delicious.

The chips were standard, kind of a small serving, served under the parma even though there was heaps of room on the plate where they could have gone. With no detectable seasoning (although there was salt and pepper on the table), However they were crispy, well cooked and complimented the meal fine.

The garden salad was good - If you like vinegar. Standard salad of lettuce, onion, cucumber and tomato, it was absolutely drowned in vinegar, to the point that some reviewers couldn’t eat it. A bit of a let down because it looked delicious when it arrived in front of us.

My face after trying the salad

The Derrimut Skyes parma is absolutely fantastic, the club itself is beautiful, the staff are friendly and coming in at $19.50 its not too bad on the price scale, (and for bargain hunters, Friday from 6-7pm is Toss the Boss, flip a coin when you order a drink and if you get it right you drink for free). If it weren’t for the lackluster sides it would be in contention for the top spot however there were a couple of issues that knocked it down, don’t get me wrong - Get in your car and head to Derrimut Skyes tonight, this is a parma that every parma lover in Melbourne has to try - absolutely fantastic and one I would go back for any day of the week, It would be the perfect finisher after a few rounds of golf on a lazy afternoon.

Parma - 8.96
Chips - 6.38
Salad - 5.33
Value - 7.08
Total - 7.34

The search continues…

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