Attempt #83 - 'Bev & Mick's Turf Club'


When? - 02/02/12

Where? - Bev & Mick’s Turf Club, 1 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne.

Price? - $15 ($12 Parma n’ Pot Tuesdays)

Barry? - No

Website? -

Reviewers -  Adam, Emma, Grace, Lee, Matt, Nikki, Tony[/info]

Much like last weeks attempt at the Keilor East RSL, The Turf Club is one of those pubs that I’ve seen hundreds of times, but never had an excuse to visit - until now.

Located at 1 Flemington Rd, under the giant Aussie flag at the Haymarket roundabout, This pub has recently joined the ‘Bev & Mick’s backpackers’ franchise and has thus had a bit of a paint job and spruce up since the above photo was taken.

Walking in half of the pub was blocked off as they seemed to be doing renovations in that area - no matter though, past the juke box and pool tables is a door that leads to a huge beer garden, much larger than I was expecting, with heaps of seating. It was a warm night so we pulled up a pew in the sun and placed our order.

The Turf’s standard parma clocks in at $15, and on Tuesday night there is a $12 parma n’ pot special. Unfortunately we were in on a Thursday, so it was full price for us.

After a longer-than-usual wait (about 45 minutes) our parmas arrived.

There was a lot of nude schnitz and the bottom of the parm was a bit overcooked, it was processed schnitzel (curse you processed schnitz!!) which caused the crumbs to often flake away upon cutting.

The cheese, while a little overcooked like the rest of the parma, was pretty favourful and it was clearly visible that both parmesan and mozzarella was used, adding a bit of depth to the flavour. The ham was passable, as was the napoli - if only it had covered the whole parma.

There was technically nothing wrong with the chips, but they were forgettable. A decent serving but not much else to say other than that.

The garden salad (lettuce, onion, carrot, cucumber & tomato) was also passable. It’s score dipped in the slightest as a very sweet dressing was used, and a garden salad usually doesn’t go down very well if it tastes like its been dressed in sugar syrup.

Now to introduce a brand new feature on Parma Daze - The Parma-Cam (patent pending). Click play below to watch…

[youtube id="0TYV5SbhD7k" width="580" height="337"]

Enough from little ol’ me, on to the comments!

The Turf’s parma is your standard el-cheapo processed parma, but saying that, on the scale of el-cheapo processed parmas, it tasted pretty good in the end - The chef has done what he can with the ingredients he had and has pulled off a decent meal.

Completely forgettable, and not one I would be seeking out again, but good for what it is - If I was there again and it was a Tuesday night $12 parma n’ pot deal I’d probably … wander down to The Metropolitain and get an awesome parma. Sorry, but at least I’m honest.

Parma - 4.92
Chips - 4.52
Salad - 4.33
Value - 5.42
Total - 4.82

The search continues…

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Also, thanks to the folks over at /r/Melbourne on Reddit for all the awesome parma ideas - I know the Turf wasn’t one of the ones you suggested, but we will definitely be getting to some of those soon!

Catch ya next week!