Welcome to the merch section of the site! This is your one stop shop for parma related gear that will make you 300% more attractive to the opposite sex. Most of the items can be customised once you click through to the checkout (especially T-shirts, you can change the cut, colour, size, even slap it on a hoodie! your choice.)

Got an idea for something that we don't have yet? Shoot us an email and we'll get it up for you post-haste!

Starting simple, this is our basic logo tee Show your support for Parma Daze by getting this shirt on your skin!

Imagine how sexy you will look in it! Hot damn. Look out ladies! (or men… or, whatever turns you on really)

This one is my personal favourite. Now I'm not saying we're bigger than The Beatles... but we're close (jokes! please no hate mail) Available in both coloured text and classic white

If you can pull off wearing a lot of red then this is definitely the shirt for you! It's pretty much a staple these days that all online stores sell a "Keep Calm and *blank*" design, so make sure you get in on the fad before its finished!

Wow we're really working our way through the T-shirt cliches aren't we! I hope the state of New York doesn't sue us for this one. Quick! Buy it before it gets taken down for copyright infringement!

It's Jimmy! Everyones favourite parma-loving little scamp. Who better to round out the shirt selection! Wear him on your body. Go on. You'll both enjoy it.

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